Disney 2016

Disney 2016

Friday, November 17, 2017


Going back a bit in the year (since I have been a horrible blogger).

We had 3 graduations this year in our home.  It was a busy (but fun) season for sure!

Bradley graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Church Planting & Revitalization.  They let him walk in May with his class even though he was technically still in his 2 semester internship and then mailed his degree once the internship was finished.  He didn't necessarily want to fly home to walk but I may (ahem) have insisted that I wanted him to. 

Next up was Matthew who graduated from high school (Downers Grove North).  Our quiet, goofy and completely introverted son grew up at some point (when did that happen?!?).  He was not interested in going away quite yet so is at home going to a local school.  He is taking classes working towards a 3+1 degree with a local university in Computer Information Systems.  If he stays on this course, he will go 3 years to the local school and 1 year to the university and will graduate with his Bachelors from that university (saving us lots of $$ and not making me say goodbye to another kid quite yet!).

Lastly, the baby of the family (Caitlyn) graduated from Junior High.  Not quite as significant of a milestone as the other two but there was a gown and a ceremony and we celebrated.  :-)  She is a high schooler now involved in cheerleading, band, private oboe lessons and youth group.  She keeps me busy!!

I am counting my blessings this week as we lead up to Thanksgiving.  I am blessed with three awesome and completely different kids (and a great husband too)!

What are you thankful for this season?

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